Carol Perez Thorus Arts

CAROL PEREZ is a Graphic Designer. She is a native of Barcelona and remembers always having pencil in hand. Her passion was, and is illustration and painting. Carol managed to build her craft through practice and study while supporting her daily life working as Director of Planning for BASF Construction Chemicals España where she worked for over ten years. Since 2012 she has dedicated her professional life to Graphic Design working with Bryte Digital Communication, Delivering Happiness Spain, and as a freelancer with a variety of clients.

She is often entranced by the work of other artists and likes to observe how images communicate without words.  If asked what art forms interest her, Carol’s response is  “everything and nothing”. That is to say that she humbly feels that there is so much to experience and insightfully understands that by choosing any one art form would be excluding another. Carol’s Graphic Design work with Thorus Arts gives her the opportunity to experience it all, without having to choose any one.