as Cultural development and fundraising
based on the building of relationships

Thorus Arts, in our concern for the development of the Arts and Culture sector, has witnessed the gaps left by the currently available systems for financing within the sector.  We also see that the situation has worsened recently given the limited resources available to public institutions, funding that isn’t sufficient to fully support the work and development of artists and projects.


We have identified that there are aspects and possible solutions taken from our references in the United States that could be transferred and adapted to the operations and idiosyncrasies of the Spanish system.  In this adaptation important roles will be played by both public institutions as well as private entities and individuals, all with the goal of helping artists.


The goal of this project is to provoke a change in paradigm in the way the current systems of support serve Arts and Culture in Spain.  We are developing a Pilot Project with a goal to provide support to creators at it’s core, but that also establishes, develops and cultivates relationships between the different partners implicated in the process of fundraising.  It goes further than simply asking for money or applying to grants and subsidies as the only notion of seeking assistance for a project.  Relationships and common goals mark the difference in a shared journey in the cultivation of economic support in the Arts.

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In successful relationships learning is present and necessary, and when there is learning, creation can flourish. This project should establish itself organically, which is the ultimate goal we desire for the project.

Experience and Innovation

Thorus Arts, invited to present as part of the Pública15 conferences

Cultivating new forms of funding: A look to the North American model.


The Legacy Plan

An example of where we have come from.

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Full Case Study available here

The Legacy Plan was a precedent-setting strategic planning initiative to confront, in accordance with the artist’s wishes, the organization’s transition to a post-founder existence.  As realized, the Legacy Plan included an 8 million dollar fundraising campaign to support the company in a two-year farewell world tour, technology-driven preservation initiatives, and career transition packages for all artists and staff.