Daria Porokhovo_byn

Daria Porokhovoï, as production associate with Thorus Arts, employs her energetic and entrepreneurial spirit to help make artists visions a reality. She embarked on this Adventure with Thorus Arts in September 2017 with aspirations to contribute toward the development of the company’s activities and to accompany our local and international artists on their quests. Daria is of Franco-Russian descent and was born in Paris which helped her realized the importance of forging bridges between cultures and the importance of enriching human relations. As a student at Paris VII University she obtained a BA in Arts and Letters, at the crossroads between Aesthetics, Art History and Artistic Practice during which she sharpened her spectator’s gaze and affirmed her artistic tastes. During her studies she participated in the creation Passerelles, a series of conference dinners in which French philosophers, together with a small audience, convene on the topic of transmitting knowledge in a convivial environment.

Daria was soon accepted into the program of the National School of Theater Arts and Techniques (ENSATT) in Lyon, France. For three years, among students from a variety of theatrical trades, Daria was trained in administration for live performance and contributed on various projects, including that of emerging director Maryse Estier. Her final internship was with the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord where she joined the production department, working on Peter Brook’s Battlefield tour. The experience cemented her desire to manage tours and work on international projects.

She graduated in 2017 after having written her thesis on Tatiana Frolova and contemporary Russian documentary theatre. In her final year, she accompanied the circus artist Aurélien Bory on the creation of his show L‘Espace Furieux (Valère Novarina) with the students from the ENSATT.