We are Thorus Arts.

Thorus Arts is a production company, an art maker focused on creating high quality works and expressing its artistic vision singularly and in collaboration with others. Although our collective experience has led to work in diverse formats we most often speak through the mediums of film and live performance: theater, dance, music, opera…

Thorus Arts simultaneously acts as a connector, a reference and a supporter of the artistic community.  This implication is fundamental to the ideals of the company – a desire to not just create, but to address the system of creation – and is reinforced by our formation as administrators, strategic planners, and fundraisers.

Thorus Arts has been created to advance these corresponding goals – to put new ideas into action – utilizing multiple formats and addressing complicated realities.


Trevor Carlson Thorus Arts 1

Trevor Carlson

Executive Director

Ferran Carvajal Thorus Arts 1

Ferran Carvajal

Artistic Director


Carol Perez

Graphic Design and Planning 

Daria Porokhovo

Daria Porokhovoï

Associate Producer


To create.  To produce.  To dream.  We choose to give privilege to the imagination of the artist, and to learn from and to believe in the transformative capacity of art.  It makes us sensitive, able to recognize ourselves and to implicate ourselves in the world in which we live.

We offer our experience and participation.  Our mediums and our roles are pluralistic and represent the landscape in which art moves and is made today.  We are always open to experimentation.

We strive to be a current of continuous energy, moving ideas in action and participating as conscious citizens of the world and of the community of creators that shelters us.


What the f**k is a thorus?

The torus is a geometric body, hollowed in center, of two opposing forces uniting in a circuit of opposing spirals. In physics, the torus is thought of as the figure of the universe. Two movements in one finite body – with infinite capacity to create the world. The magnetism of the Earth is a toroid curving over itself, influenced by the polarity of its axis.

The diagrams of the scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla presented the torus as a prototype for perpetual energy.  A cross between a tube and a sphere, like DNA, an apple, a hurricane, or a tree.

The torus is like a ring, continually revolving around itself. However, we at Thorus Arts prefer to imagine ourselves as a bagel, an everything bagel!